The Wisteria Dream is a product bought with passes, from the Fairy Forest. This object was once called the Glycine Dream, until further naming changes. It's icon is a bottle, simply with cotton-candy like foam spilling out. Some players describe it as a 'wizards bottle', due to the mystical shape and figure the item has.

The Wisteria Dream

Purchasing and Use Edit

The buy the Wisteria Dream, you must have 2 passes, and go to the Fairy Forest. The Wisteria Dream is one of the most expensive items, next to the Baobab Stage, and the Magic Seed, due to the fact that it lets you skip days, so if you tried hard enough. . . you could send your baby off to school in one day! It is also very expensive, because it has very high qualities, and very important, if you want your baby to age faster in their life cycle. Once you have assigned your baby to this item, you cannot remove it from them, or 'destroy it' you do not have to use it, only if you'd like. This is an advantage, because the Wisteria Dream doesn't expire, until your baby goes to school– you cannot pass this item on to another baby. If you use Primrose Hourglasses, those can run out, leaving you with none at all, if you use all of them.

The Wisteria Dream Costs 2 Passes.