Owlient, the game client has started a partnership with the UNESCO foundation in November 2009. They have temporary sweaters you can buy for your baby in the Fairy Forest, for 1 pass. As well, you can read about their organization at their website, or from BabyDow's page. Each month or so, they change the colors of them.

Fit and Color Edit

Each UNESCO sweater BabyDow has to provide, are available in all of the different age groups. Not all of them are the same exact color, or design. The sweaters do not annually change each month, but the quantity of the different sweaters usually do change each month.

  • November: Teal/Blue colored sweaters
  • December: Red/Pink colored sweaters

The 0-6 months sweater is collared, and has buttons.

The 6-12 months sweater has little hearts/polka dots.

The 12-18 months sweater is simply 1 color, with the pyramid on the left (our right) side of the torso.

The 18-36 months sweater has stripes and is a long sleeve turtleneck.

December Sweater


November Sweater

Purchasing Edit

In the Fairy Forest, you can purchase a UNESCO sweater for only one pass. The sweater will never wear out. (meaning you can keep it forever without loosing it.) You can buy more than one sweater, but only 1 reputation point per month. As well, you can also buy 2 of the same sweaters!

Example: Have twins? Want them to look the same? You can buy 2 of the same kind of sweater!


Donation Edit

To donate, you can go visit the UNESCO BabyDow Page, or read about it at their website, (see the top of article). You can also, as always, but the sweater at the Fairy Forest for 1 pass. If you buy one, you will get a free reputation point, with a limit of obtaining 1 from the donation per month. For a prize for donating, you can receive 1000 beads, a Camellia Treasure, or even a Magic Seed! Donors will also get the pyramid on their card, showing a special donation was contributed.


Ow's Post for the UNESCO


UNESCO Sweaters