Toys are objects or items that your baby can interact with, or use. The toys in-game are similar to baby toys that you would see in real life. They are 'soft', small, and your baby can play with them. There are a variety of different toys to choose from, but they all depend on your baby's age or how old they are.


Tab for Toys

Age GroupsEdit

Boutique toys are split into different categories; Some are for different age groups too. The toys are split into different ages like clothes. Ther different age groups of the game are currently:

  • Toys for 0-6 Month old babies
  • Toys for 6-18 Month old babies
  • Toys for 18-36 Month old babies

Bath toys never change for age groups, as of now, and they are for all age groups 0-36 months. Bath toys are not magical or highly special in anyway, due to their age arrangement, they are just ordinary toys, but for the bath.


Like most items or things in BabyDow, toys can also get damaged, or worn out. Regular Toys are usually worn out in 1 day, depending on how much you use them with your baby, sometimes they last longer. Bath toys are usually more durable, since they are not everyday, usual toys to play around with. These are the stages for the durability of toys:

  1. New
  2. Excellent Condition
  3. Very Good Condition
  4. Good Condition
  5. Can Still Be Used
  6. Almost Worn Out

After the 'Almost Worn Out' stage, the toys will soon 'disappear', and have been totally worn out, and no longer any good to have your baby play with it.


The toys in the boutique have a lot of assorted colors, shapes, and sizes. as said before, they are assorted in age groups as well. If you only have one baby for example and he or she is just a new-born, and you buy a toy that is for the age group of 6-18 months, it will not appear in the play toys list as of then. You must buy toys of the appropriate age group for each child you have, if you would like them to play.