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Snugglies are items used by your baby, but you must buy them from the boutique. Their price is very decent, and will not make you bankrupt, depending on how much you buy, or have already spent. Furthermore, there are many different kinds of snugglies themselves, and differ in shapes and sizes. They are all ressembled after animals. Some are the same animal, but in different shapes.


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Stock & PricesEdit

There are quite a few different types of snugglies, and can be very important to your baby in different ways. However, as all items in the boutique, they never run out of stock. As of now, there are only 10 snugglies that are in the boutique, and are up for grabs. 5 round, and 5 flat. The snuggly price ranges are from 25-45 beads maximum. They may rise, or drop in the future, but as of now that's how much snugglies may cost.


Snuggle Time!


Snugglies do not only come in 1 variety. They all come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Some may be the same in some ways, but they are all animals, and that's what makes they the same in 1 way. The 2 shapes of what a snuggly could be are round, and flat.

Round SnuggliesEdit

Round snugglies look very much different, than the flat snugglies. They look more 'plush' and softer. They are all the same in-game, however; but the appearance remains unalike. Some are the same, however, yet the animals are different in come categories. For instance, there is no flat duck snuggly in the flat snuggly category. Although, there is a flat brown dog in the flats, and a round brown dog in the rounds.

Flat SnuggliesEdit

Flat snugglies are also exceedingly different than round snugglies, due to their size and/or shape. They are flatter, like blankets. It may be described as a stuffed animal, but it's bottom got squished. There are 5 flat snugglies in the sub-category with the grey cat, and maroon rabbit at the least price, and the black and white cow, being the most expensive at 45 beads.


As of now, the quality of all of the snugglies stays at 4 stars, which is the maximum. This may be so due to the fact that these objects never wear out, and are very ideal, and important for your baby. The quality for the snugglies have a high chance of not dropping a star, and a 100% chance they will not get any higher, because they simply can't– they are already maxed!


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