At least once in the game, your baby will ask for the potty. They must have said their 1st word, or sentence. The potty is simply just to let your baby get trained into using the potty– everyone has a potty training! Your baby will talk to you, and ask for the potty, their speech bubble will pop up, and you may click on the internal link, to the potty page.

Asking for Potty

Growth Edit

By having your baby use the potty, they can not successfully go, or they can be successful. If successful, they will earn hygiene points and it will boost up their development. It doesn't give a big boost, but every bit counts! Once your baby has used the potty more often, they will go more successfully throughout their time period from whatever time they start, to school. They will start around 1 years old, and ask every so often.

Types of Potties Edit

There are 4* different types of potties, and they all affect how your baby does while potty training.

All of these can be found in the boutique: The standard potty is the least effective potty- it may not be very comfortable, so your baby might not do well with it, but you can use it. The comfort potty is somewhat effective- it is comfortable in some ways, but your baby may not use it as well, it is still usable, and most players prefer this one. The maxi-comfort, or maximum-comfort potty is the potty which makes most progress, it is the highest of comfort, but still, if your baby is new to the potties, they may not get used to it very quickly.

The Lobelia Throne is a potty, but more so a throne. . . a magical item from the Fairy Forest. If you use this item on one of your babies, and when they need to go potty, use the Lobelia Throne, and they will magically go with ease!

Lobelia Throne