The Poppy Oracle is often abbreviated as 'Poppy', 'Oracle', 'Poppy O, or 'P Oracle'.

This an item you can buy in the Fairy Forest. The Oracle is an item which involves your baby's snuggly. In the Fairy Forest you can find the item in the second tab. The item is very useful, if you are too busy to go through all of the snugglies, and wait for that one day to find the right one for your baby.

Poppy Oracle

It looks like a deck of card with poppies on it and the cards have pictures of snugglies on them. They have green sparkles around them.

Obtaining and/or Purchase Edit

The Poppy Oracle is available for purchase at the Fairy Forest. Like all of the items, excluding the Magic Seed, you must buy the item with passes. This item in particular, is available for buying of 2 passes. This is not the most expensive item, the most expensive price within the Fairy Forest, are the magic seed and arnica workshop, for 3 passes.

If you can not buy passes, because you are not allowed to, or can't afford them with your allowance (or overall), there is a high chance you will get a Poppy Oracle when you send your baby off to school . You will receive the prizes like the Poppy O', after you have completed the uniform quiz.

Poppy O' Description

Use Edit

This item, is used to find your baby's wellness snuggly right away. The reason why the Poppy is there in the Forest, is due to the fact that since you can only choose one snuggly a day for your baby, it may not be the right one, and you may forget to keep track of your baby's snugglies. Your baby's wellness snuggly is a part of the uniform quiz, when they get sent off to school, so if you haven't find his or her snuggly by the time they hit 2 years, 11 months, and 2 weeks, it's best to use it, because once they are 3, they are out of the home.

  • Remember that you can not individually give snugglies yourself when your baby is in a nursery.