[[File:Cat.png|thumb|Cat]] Pets can be obtained in-game by completing, or finishing an event, or contest BabyDow has assigned. You may also buy them in the [[Fairy Forest]], as of January 2010. The only pets available for your baby to own are at the moment, a goldfish, rabbit, cat, or dog. The 2010 Christmas special pets are Polar Bear and Rudolph. You do not have the ablility to choose the breed (kind) of pet your baby will obtain. Once a random pet has been assigned to the baby of your choice, other players will know you have an animal, it will appear on your card. Your pets will appear both on your card above your friends list, <nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki></nowiki></nowiki>and on the assigned baby's page.

What are Pets? Edit

Pets are special' items' that your baby and yourself can enjoy and have fun with while playing the game. They are just like real-life pets, however in a virtual way. You may obatain a white cat, semi-brown dog, chestnut rabbit/bunny, or an orange goldfish, as the pet your baby could get. As said, the pet will be completely randomized, therefore you may not choose the pet. You can have more than 1 pet at a time for your game, but a baby can only have 1 pet.

How to obtain a Pet? Edit

In December 2009 you could have won a pet for free by completeing the Christmas Tree.

What to do with your pet? Edit

You can do various, but limited things with the pets. You can go to the pet's page (On the baby's page it is assigned to, the pets page is bottom of "quality time"), and you can do the following things:

Feed It: (Cat, Dog, Bunny, Fish)

Cuddle It: (Cat, Dog, Bunny)

Play with It: (Cat & Dog)

Tap the Glass: (Fish)

Activities with Pets

Play time! (Bunny interface)

For the "baby owner" (your baby), he or she will obtain a tidy hygiene bonus in their development. You can also name your pet.