Passes are the items that Owlient makes money of off. You can buy passes, from the 'My Profile' tab in your game. The passes icon is a bag of spilled marbles. For the first time, you will get an extra pass– For example: If you buy 1 pass, you get 1 free! Passes can help you throughout the game, and there are some ways to earn them.

The Pass Symbol

Obtaining Passes Edit

One of the main ways to earn a pass for no price, is to send your baby off to school. Once they are 3 years old, send them to school, take the uniform quiz, and you'll earn a pass! But only if you get a gold or red uniform. (The quiz is very easy!) Otherwise, simply go to the pass page and buy a/some passes with the payment method of your choice.

Where to use them Edit

When you obtain a pass or passes, the main spot to use them in the Fairy Forest. The FF has items to help your game, and most aren't very much passes. Another place to use them, is an item from the Fairy Forest, but it is doubled. If you buy a Butter Cup purse from the FF for 1 pass, you can place another pass in the purse for beads, the amount you will receive shows up top at the right corner– it is your credit. it goes the same for the Daisy Purse, but that is for your nursery if you have one. If you want more babies, and can't wait for a rose or cabbage seed to grow and just get one baby, it may be smart to either buy a Magic Seed for 3 passes, or a Mandrake Elixir! The Elixir doesn't speed up the growth of your seeds in the garden, however you will get identical, or fraternal twins in return. You can also go to the private boutiques and spend your pass on clothes for your baby.