The Narcissus Mirror was an item which was found in the Fairy Forest. You could buy this item with passes, rather than beads

. This object in particular can be called a, 'N. Mirror', 'Narcissus', or simply, 'Mirror'. And as always, this product has sparkles and shines all over the image for display. The mirror looks like a regular, common hand mirror, with beautiful white flowers on the edges.

Narcissus Mirror

Purchase or ObtainingEdit

Due to low demand for the item, it was removed on the 28th of October, 2010. Anyone who still had the item in their stock could use it or trade it, but it isn't possible to buy it anymore. You can also still find it in a Box of Wonders, when your baby goes to school and through a UFO.

Use Edit

The point of having the mirror, is to find your baby's personality. As well, your baby's personality will be asked on the school/uniform quiz, so if you are unsure, or do not know what your baby is like, by suggestion, use the Narcissus Mirror before him or her departs to their school.

Nacrissus Description