A Magic Seed is an item you can purchase from the Fairy Forest with passes. The Fairy Forest in located under the 'The Market' tab. While in the Fairy Forest, the Magic Seed itself is located in the 'For my Game' tab. Every 30 days, you are on, the Forest Fairies let you buy a Magic Seed with 25% of your reserves/beads.

A Magic Seed

Garden Edit


Magic Seed as seen in the garden

Unlike the other two seeds, the rose and cabbage, the Magic Seed automatically grows as soon as you plant it straight in your garden. Since it grows already once you've planted it, you can't use the Mandrake Elixir on it. Once you plant the seed, the menu to 'customize' your baby will pop up. Unlike other seed, you can't wait to pick it whenever you want. The first time you start the game, there will be a free Magic Seed in your garden already, ready to plant, so then you will have another baby.

Purchase Edit

You can purchase a Magic Seed with beads, or passes. Every 30 days you log on, you can buy a Magic Seed with 25% of your beads. You can also buy a seed in the Fairy Forest for 3 passes. This item, is one of the most expensive items in the Fairy Forest, along with the Wisteria Dream, and the Baobab Stage. The Magic Seed costs this much, due to the fact that it automatically grows, and it grants you another bundle of joy– the baby! The Forest Fairies also give a little tip for you to follow: "But a word of advice: don't plant too many seeds if you aren't sure you'll be able to look after all of your babies."

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