The Lotus Floater can be bought in the Fairy Forest with a pass. The Lotus Floater is usually condensed as the, 'LF', 'Lotus', 'Floater', or by it's looks, 'Lifesaver'. The Floater does indeed symbolize a floater, and looks like a lifesaver. The Floater is sitting on top of a lotus leaf, or otherwise a lily pad. The Lotus Floater is an item you can give to your baby to help him or her in the swimming activity.

Lotus Floater


The Lotus Floater is one of four bonus items you can get to assist your baby in winning, or doing at least very well in an activity. The LF can be bought from the Fairy Forest for 1 pass. Each other boost activity item in the activities tab within the Fairy Forest, is only 1 pass, alike the Floater.

Use Edit

It can be assigned to one baby, only one (and cannot be removed once assigned), who will then recieve a bonus in Dexerity & Motor Skills – the crucial abilities in the Swimming Activity. Once the baby of your choice has received the floater, they will most likely win or participate highly in the swimming activity.