The Lobelia Throne is a 'throne' or otherwise an upgraded potty you can buy at the Fairy Forest. This merchandise is also called the, 'Throne', 'L. Throne', 'Better Potty', or the 'Lobelia'. This item is under the 'For my babies' tab within the Forest. This item has large green sparkles, shining around it, and it is a throne, in potty form, as well, there are charming flowers along the edges. The main colors of this object, is red, green, and yellow.

Lobelia Throne

Purchase/Gaining Edit

You may buy the Lobelia Throne in the Fairy Forest for only 1 pass. The easiest way to buy the Lobelia Throne is just buy a pass, and then buy the throne with ease. If you want to wait for your baby to go to school, you can as well linger, send your baby to school, then obtain a pass, and then accordingly buy a throne as you wish. Most of the time, a Lobelia Throne will be in the U.F.O.s the BabyDow team sends out. It may be harder to obtain the throne, due to the fact that it is an FF item, and rarely do Forest items get caught. As well, you can always trade a player another item of the same or lower value if they would like to trade with you in exchange of another item.

Use Edit

The main purpose of the Lobelia Throne, is to give it to your baby, so they won't wet their nappy if they happen to do so. Once you give your baby the Lobelia Throne, you cannot give it to another baby. The Lobelia Throne will disappear once they are 3 years old, and go to school. Every time your baby with the throne asks for the potty, use the throne if wanted, and they will automatically gain a hygiene boost in their growth and development, as well as using the potty more often.

Give a Throne!