The Growth Stages are the appearences of the babies as they grow.


Babydow growth stages

0 to 6 monthsEdit

Your baby was just born, and this is the first growth stage. The baby is sitting,legs open, hands in between.

6-12 monthsEdit

You have had your baby for 24 weeks now, and (s)he has grown some more. (S)He is now crouching, with one hand extended and the other at her side.

12-18 monthsEdit

The second to last stage is your baby on his/her feet, hip inclined to your left side, hands up in the air. (At this stage, you might want to buy a potty.)

18-36 monthsEdit

The final stage is where the baby is already standing normally, hands on his/her hips. (At the end of this stage your baby is going to school)


0-6 months

0-6 month old baby

6-12 months

6-12 month old baby

First stage


Second stage


12-18 months

12-18 month old baby

Third stage


18-36 months

18-36 month old child(we can't call her a baby anymore, can we?)

Fourth and final stage


Mouth shapes at each stageEdit


Mouth chart by Haydencool511