You can find your garden, in the 'My Home' tab. In the garden, you can plant seeds of any sort on the game, and they will grant you the gift of. . . a baby! At the start of your game you will obtain a free seed. You have to wait for the seed to reach 100% before you can pick it!
Pick It!

Pick It!

Seeds Edit

There are 3 different seeds that you can plant in your garden, and each will grant you the gift and bundle of joy– the baby! After your seeds have reached 100% of growth, you can pick them, a giant button will appear for your choice to leave them for a while, or pick them. You do not have to pick them right away if you do not want to. The three different seeds are:

  • Cabbage
  • Rose
  • Magic

The Cabbage seed will grant you a boy baby!

The Rose seed will grant you a girl baby!

The Magic seed will grant you a baby– except it is totally random! It will choose the gender for you!
Garden Seeds

A Garden with 100% seeds

Utilities for your garden Edit

To make your seeds in the garden grow faster, you can use fertilizer from the boutique. If you want real twins, you can buy and use a Mandrake Elixir from the Fairy Forest. Fertilizer will make your seeds grow 2% more.




Mandrake Elixir