This article is about the food you can take care of your baby with. You may just be looking for: Food (boutique)

Foods, are items, or simply foods to give to your baby. Your baby will need food to gain weight to be able to play with you, and so they do not starve. Your baby begins to get hungry when you do a lot of playing with them. For example, if you play with your baby for a long time, they may get angry and ask for some food. Their expression may change as well. You can buy a different variety, of all different colors, shapes, and sizes at the boutique for pretty low prices compared to other products.

Price or ObtainingEdit

Most food items that you buy for your baby only range from 5-25 beads. Compared to many other items in the boutique, that is very little. The cheapest, and best deal to buy your baby food, is the rice. It is only 5 beads for 5 portions each quantity. However, your baby cannot eat this unless they are around ages 1-2 years. The most expensive food items are the Ground Beef, and Baby Cereals. Those are both 25 beads.

Usually when you find lost snugglies, you get food items as a reward. Some commno food items that you are rewarded with, could be one or more of the following:

  • Yogurts and Yoghurts
  • Fish and Meat
  • Baby/Follow-Up Formula
  • Maternal Milk
  • Veggies
  • Fruit

The most common Yogurts/Yoghurts you'll receive are: Plain, Banana, and Lemon.

The most common Fish and Meat you'll receive are: Ground Beef, and Fish Filet

The most common Formulas (including milk) are: Maternal Milk, Baby Formula

The most common fruits and veggies you'll recieve are: String Beans, Summer squash, Apple pureé, Bananas, Pears


In the beginning, if you 'get' a new baby at your house, all him or her will eat will be maternal milk, or baby formula. They will refuse, or simply can't eat any other foods. Most foods are available at 6 months+ but the full ones where you can feed your baby all of the advanced foods are around 1-2 years of age. However, once your baby gets older, he or she cannot eat baby formula or maternal milk. They will be too old. Everything food-wise is based on the baby's age.