The Fairy Forest is like the boutique, but it has magical items, and cost more than beads. You buy passes, and then you can spend them at the Fairy Forest. The Fairy Forest is often abbreviated as the 'FF'. It is now organized in tabs to help you navigate easier throughout the Fairy Forest. To the side, it will show your current Fairy Forest items, you have bought, earned, or traded.

Tabs Edit

There are 5 tabs in the Fairy Forest to assist you find the item you are looking for. The 5 tabs are:

  • New features!
  • Personlization and Development
  • Activities
  • For my game
  • For my nursery (if you have one)

In the New features tab, all of the new FF items will be displayed.

In the Personlization and Development tab, you'll find, Exotic Remake, Arnica Workshop, Lobelia Throne, Willow Sap, Sandman, Lotus Sap, Wisteria Dream, Birthday Gift, Primrose Hourglass, Bonsai Amulet, Metamorphosis Potion, and Poppy Oracle

In the Activities tab, you will find: Bosana Bootee, Lotus Floater, Bamboo Turning Fork, Maple Pencil, and a Favor of the Orchids.

In the For your game tab, you'll find: Photographer Box, Magic Seed, Buttercup Purse, Background Assortment, Pet, Mandrake Elixir, Box of Wonders, and Photo Reload

In the For your nursery tab, you will find: Camellia Treasure, Baobab Stage and a Daisy Purse.

Price Edit

The price ranges from 1-3 passes. Every 30 days, you can buy a Magic Seed with beads, if you don't have passes. Most items are 1 pass, but they differ depending on how expensive they are. Price ranges have only exceeded 3 passes with trolls and elves. (currently not available)


Fairy Forest Interface