This article is about care products from the boutique. You may just be looking for: Care {link not enabled}

Care products are sold at the boutique. Some are avaliable at the Fairy Forest, however the main ones are for sale at the boutique– for less. These items are to take care of your baby.

i.e. Changing or bathing your baby.


The main stock in the care tab is mbasicallty hygiene products:

  • Nappies
  • Towelettes
  • Bath Kits
The whole boutique is mainly for caring and help to growing your baby older and having more development, however this is a main 'care' tab in the boutique.

Care Stock


Nappies: You can use nappies with your baby. You mainly use nappies with lots of other different objects, to clean your baby. However, one key conept of the nappies, is just a diaper, and keep your baby fresh and clean. Nappies aren't anything very special. They don't do anything magical or anything that will change something in your baby's growth and/or development. The different kinds are the, Maxicomfort nappies, Comfort nappies, and the standard nappies. All are different, and have different qualities.

Towelettes: Towelettes are only used when giving your baby a nice, warth, soothing bath. The towelettes are to "wipe up" your baby's mess. That is why it is needed when giving your baby a bath, since water, and mess gets around when giving a bath. The different types of towelettes, are the soft baby-wipes, baby-wipes (standard), and the absorbent pieces of cotton. All have the same purpose, just different qualities, none will majorly effect your game if you decide to use 1 at one time, etc.

Bathkits: Bathkits are kits. . . for the bath! A bathkit is a main concept to having your baby take a bath. When bathing your baby, you always, must have a bath kit, whether it has good quality or not. The different types are the dolphin, kitten, and duck bathkits. They do not come with free pets, they are just named like that.

Bath-Towels: Bath Towels are more-so towels, than wipes, like towelettes. There are 3 different types of Bath-Towels- bathrobe, hooded towel, and the bath towel. You will get a free hooded towel at the beginning of your game if you are a new-comer. Which is better than a standard bath towel.