The BCP, or Butter Cup Purse, is feature in the Fairy Forest, and like any other item enclosed by the FF, you must buy this purse with passes. Besides BCP, the Butter Cup Purse has other abbreviations. Some of which are, excluding BCP, 'Butter Cup', 'Butter Purse', or just the 'purse', if not referring to the Daisy Purse. The BCP, looks like a sack of money, and it has a buttercup in the middle. As well, the purse has a few sparkles surrounding it.

Butter Cup Purse

Purchase Edit

To buy the BCP, you must go to the Fairy Forest, and purchase one. This purse, however is only 1 pass, and is one of the least expensive items in the forest. This item can, therefore 'cost' 2 passes, due to the fact that the usage of it, may lead up to 1-2 passes maximum in price.

Use Edit

To use the Butter Cup Purse, you need 2 passes. You need to buy the purse with 1 pass, and place another pass inside of the Butter Cup Purse. What it basically achieves is, giving you beads if you need some. The credit at the top of your screen will say how much you will receive from the purse once you have used it. Each day you log on, it will increase by 5 beads. For instance, if your credit yesterday was 890 beads, your credit today will be 895. Each day, it will only raise by 5 credits.

Credit Raising