Since October 2009, your babies could blink. This will remain the same until further notice. Many people believe they were just 'seeing things'. Mostly to be 'funny' but it wasn't their imagination, and it wasn't very funny. Babies can now blink, and it came along with the expressions pack. The blinking was only added because the creator, Owlient wanted to make the game more realistic– with blinking. The blinking makes the baby much more realistic, because since they are based to be human-beings, we blink, so they blink as well.  You can't disable the blinking, it just comes with the came for the time being.


A Blinking Baby

The blinking in the photo to the left is going much faster than babies usually blink on the game. Babies blink on the game much, much slower. Usually blink once after 8-10 seconds. Blinking is not a sign of sickness, or a 'disease'. It's just blinking. People may think that and overreact due to the fact that blinking was just enabled in October 2009. New players will not see any difference, because they will automatically know that that babies 'blink'. 

Technical Issues Edit

If you are running on a slow browser like Internet Explorer, or you have a slow computer overall, the blinking may not show up for you. Try clearing your cache, and cookies, as well as restarting your computer. If that does not work, contact Owlient support, or just leave it how it is, it's not the end of the world.If your baby blinks, but does not move it's body, that is not a technical issue, it may have been mistaken as one, but Owlient hasn't made any progress on that as of now.