Beads are the game's currency. Beads are different from passes. You can use beads in the boutique to buy items, but not in the Fairy Forest, excluding when you can buy Magic Seeds. You can see your beads at the 1st quadrant of your screen, and at the boutique.

Bead Balance In the Boutique

Earnings Edit

This is a commonly asked question, How can I get beads?!  You can't trade beads, but you can earn beads by:

  • Finding lost snugglies
  • Each day you'll earn 100 bead for each baby you take care of
  • Winning competitions

There are no jobs, as of yet you can do, to earn beads– other than take care of your babies and be a good parent!

Appearance Edit

Beads look like simple beads! Some people may have mistaken them for passes. From various picture, passes looks like marbles. Beads look like 3 spheres, plum and blue colored.


Credit and Beads Edit

Beads and Credit are very similar, but they different. Credit, is how many beads you will get if you use a pass on a butter-cup purse.