The Baobab Stage is an item found in the Fairy Forest. It is used to have placed, or installed in your nursery if you happen to have one. You can buy the Baobab Stage with passes. It may often be shortened as: 'Baobab', 'B. Stage', 'Baobabs', Baobab S.', 'Stage' or simply 'another floor'.

Baobab Stage

Use Edit

The Baobab Stage is at the Fairy Forest, due to the fact that you can buy it for your nursery. What is does, is add another floor, or lift to your nursery. If the first free floor (comes with creation of nursery), is full of dorms, and playrooms etc., rarely will that happen, because some people may only with for so many rooms on the first floor. The Baobab Stage may be useful if some things simply cannot fit on the 1st floor. If you are 1 room short of space, it is best to trade for a stage, or delete/sell back the room.

Purchase Edit

You can buy the stage at the Fairy Forest with passes. This item in particular is 2 passes, which puts it in one of the most expensive items in BabyDow, next to the Magic Seed, and Wisteria Dream. You can also by one with 25% of your nursery's beads every 30 or so days. The Baobab may cost this much, due to the fact that it is an important piece to your nursery. It's like re-creating a nursery, for 2 passes, and even the other parts of your nursery included too.

Baobab Description