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Babydow is an online baby simulation game, created by French company Owlient. Over 450,000 players are on the english version of the game - there are also French, and German versions.

The aim of the game is to raise a baby from birth to three years, at which point they go to school. Many players compete to get the best growth for their babies - view our growth tips here. The community is friendly - head the the game play forum for any help, and PM players to make friends with them, or add them to your friends list. Open your own nursery once you have been on the game for 30 days, and provide a place for other player's babies to play and eat. You can have a maximum of 20 babies at a time, and unlimited magical babies. Bonus items can be bought from the Fairy Forest, with passes. With your babies, you can feed them, play with them, dress them, and help them to become aware of the world around them.It's a fun game.

trust me.

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