The Arnica Workshop is an item beyond different from any other item in the Fairy Forest. It remains the same payment wise, but the use is completely different. Furthermore, the Arnica Workshop is mainly abbreviated as the, 'Workshop', 'Arnica', or effortlessly, the 'private boutique'. The workshop has sparkles, like any other FF item, but the looks are contrasting. The Arnica Workshop looks like a toolbox, with sewing materials, like a pair of scissors, thread, and buttons.

Arnica Workshop

Purchase Edit

To buy the Arnica Workshop, you must buy or obtain 3 passes, and go to the Fairy Forest. The workshop itself is only 1 pass, but you must create a line and/or garment while buying it. 2 passes for making the line, and the other one for your first garment.

Design Edit

Mainly because some pictures are copyrighted, you cannot use them while making your garments. You can take pictures from the game, BabyDow, but not anything worldwide that is copyrighted. 

Some Examples are:

  • Disney Related Pictures (Like Mickey Mouse or Pluto)
  • Hello Kitty
  • Nintendo

And etc.

You may draw little pictures of your own etc. Just because Disney is copyrighted doesn't mean you can't draw a mouse, and so forth. Mostly, players will just create a garment with colors, colors are not copyrighted, they are free for anyone's use. You may also draw little pets, or stuffed animals etc. in the place where the baby's hand will appear on the garment, or simply on the ground. There is a slight chance the garment will not be accepted, but as long as it's not interfering with the actual baby. Hoodies, are not accepted, because it will block, or obstruct the baby's hair. The baby's hair is different for each baby, so it may fit the standards of the baby you have modeled, but not the other babies in the whole entire game.



When using, and have been operating with the workshop, you can earn passes. If you sell 10 copies of 1 single garment, you can earn a free pass. If you earn a free pass, you can use it was you wish, maybe even create another garment for your little shop. You will only get a hold of 1 pass per 10 copies of a garment. You do not get a pass each time someone buy a copy of your garment, unless it is the 10th, 20th, 30th etc.

Pass Earned!