Activities were released with the release of the Baby Abilities. The activities are random, and your baby will most likely be better at one competition than the other. There are only 4 different competitions to choose from and they each match all of the different teaching profiles.You can also earn beads from the activities, when your baby wins.

Competitions Edit

There are four different competitions to choose for your baby. Those competitions, or activities are. . .

  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Art

The most popular entries for competitions are dancing and swimming. 


The Picture for entering the Art Competition


The Picture for entering the Dance competition


The Picture when entering the Music competition

Registrations Edit

Your babies will actually be competing against other player's babies, you will not be able to see it, but the results will show at the end. The babies they are competeing against are not computer generated, they are your friends, or other players who just enter. If you wait a while, 2 of your babies can even compete against each other! The little icon for what competition they have entered will show up to the side of their name, and sometimes it will be a different color. After every once in a while, the colors will change on your baby's icon, depending if you have entered him or her at all. The different colors are:

  • {The One from the Start - Each one is different}
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

These icons to the side of their name are basically just medals for your babie's achievement in 'working'. You can see the different medals your baby has earned, by clicking on the purple tab, on your baby's console page, and click his or her 'hit parade'. On the bottom, it will also show a history of the competitions they have entered, like if they have enetered the music activity and won. If your baby ends up 4-6th place in  a competition, you will not earn a medal, simply a participation grade.Those are good too, but it's nice to have a medal.


Latest Registrations for Swimming 2009


The picture when entering the Swimming competition